Happy 2010: a new year and a brand-new blog!

I know I’ve said it before: I’m the world’s worst blogger (but that’s because I’m busy).

In 2010 that’s going to change, and that starts right now with this brand new blog design, which I hope people find as interesting as I do.

In fact, many changes are coming to James Roberts Photography this year.

I have a brand-new print ordering site under construction and about to go live, so that my clients can order prints directly from me whenever they like. There’s a new Web site under design as well, and over the next few months many more product showcases are being added to what I offer my clients.

Why? Well, it’s all to emphasize my continued efforts to bring my clients the most elegant, beautiful, exclusive–and fun!–wedding photography experience available!

And, of course, there are also a lot of wonderful images coming here (and to the new site) as well! At this point, I have quite a back-log that should be (we)b-logged instead (ok, so it’s a bad pun, but I had to do it).

I also thought folks might like some insight about wedding photography and about my photography in general. In other words, I can let you know what’s going on around here creatively. So I have a lot of articles planned that can help you with your wedding planning or photography–or both!

Of course, the blog is also a great way for me to congratulate my wonderful couples, showcase some of their best wedding and engagement moments, and provide a shout-out to people in the wedding industry I love to work with (or whose work I admire).

So stay tuned: 2010 will be the best year yet, and there are lots of interesting things coming your way from James Roberts Photography.