Yes, colour can be distracting. Yes, it sometimes confuses composition, and leads your eye where it should not go. Yes, it is often even looked “down” upon by photographers who love the intellectual abstraction that monochromatic images bring, to the point where some photojournalists give up on colour altogether. But of course colour can provide … Read more

Recent weddings & more coming soon!

I have lots of updates to make; it’s been busy! In addition to my usual musings about photography and showcasing some of the work I enjoy the most, I also want to report on using the Leica S2 as a “event camera” system. The S2 is a medium format autofocus camera from Leica, and they … Read more

Digital & film :: June 27

I don’t mention this too much, but I shoot both film and digital–each for their own purposes. The actual delivery medium doesn’t matter as much to me as the results, but each has its charms. BW film, in particular, is a great way to get a certain kind of tonality quickly, so I use it … Read more

more mixed light & colour :: June 17

Another boost of warmth from tungsten light that happens to be flooding the background. As I mentioned in the “rainy day” post, you generally like to avoid mixed light, but in this case the sunset sky was just light enough to give nice skin tones from daylight while the tungsten works to amplify the colour … Read more

expressionism & romance :: june 10

The impact of romance, of our connections, of the ongoing importance of what we feel together: how do you create that, photographically? What better place to start with for a blog about the art of wedding photography than with expressionism? It’s true, a lot of what I try to do with my work, along with … Read more